Watching Russell on TV outside the UK


One of the most frequent complaints we hear is that fans living outside the UK cannot get to see the television programmes on which Russell appears.

We understand that, whenever possible, UK fans will record such programmes and share them with their Russeller-friends on a purely personal, non-commercial basis but wouldn’t it be good if there was some way that you could watch ‘live’ from anywhere in the world?

Well, it IS good.  There IS a way.  In fact, there’s more than one way.

We’re going to concentrate on just one, though; one that we know from friends abroad to be reliable.

It’s called  . . UKTV2go

It costs £13.95 per year (£2 is donated to charity) but for that you get an ‘advertisement free’ program.

One of the other methods that we know of is free of charge but is spoiled because it carries advertisements that marr the viewing experience.  We’ve also heard that some of the advertisements are for products/services that might not suit everyone, so we’ll just stick with UKTV2go for the moment.

The latest release of UKTV2go also allows users to watch US television, again from anywhere in the world.

Their website has several pages that will give you a flavour of what to expect and there is an installation guide you can read before you begin the download process.

If you are on Facebook, they also have a Facebook page where people can air their compliments or complaints.  If you want a bit more background before committing to downloading it to your own computer, then that might be worth exploring first.

Happy viewing…

Happy Russelling.


Please note that we don’t have or use UKTV2go ourselves as we are within the UK.  We cannot offer any form of guarantee or warranty, express or implied that, if you download it, it will work successfully on your particular computer; nor can we accept any responsibility for any loss or damage, however caused, to any hardware or software or files on your computer.  All we can say is that we know several people abroad who use it successfully. 


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