About Us

Hello.  Thanks for exploring this far to see what ‘Russellers’ is about.

The name is simply one that some of Russell’s fans adopted for themselves several years ago when they got together after recognising one another at different venues over a period of time.  Russell himself has used the term since then so it’s sort of stuck.

This website is produced and maintained by fans for fans and is 100% ‘unofficial’ and independent.

It is not, in any sense, a commercial entity.  It owes its existence to the simple fact that, in the past, Russell’s official websites and social media have, periodically, suffered from lack of maintenance and information and, occasionally, have even been lost entirely from the internet for extended periods.

As fans wanting to keep the news of Russell’s activities flowing, this site (and its predecessor hosted by Microsoft) was begun and is maintained “on a shoestring”.  It’s a sort of independent ‘safety-net’ for fans.  We hope to be here should the worst ever happen and the official pages disappear again.  We continue to try to be ‘on the ball’ with news.

There is a parallel Facebook page as well as a Twitter account.

Facebook recently changed its Page layout and if you’ve come here from clicking the link in the “About” section on our Facebook Page, then “Welcome”.

We welcome constructive feedback and dialogue but please remember that we are just fans, too, and don’t have any more access to Russell and his forward plans than anyone else with an internet connection.

If you want to get in touch with Russell, please see the ‘About ‘Russell Watson page for his contact details.


If you would like to contact us directly, rather than leave a comment in the box at the foot of the page, please use the Contact Form immediately below or just email us at russellers@hotmail.co.uk



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