We list all the events that we know about on the  Appearances  page … including some, when we find them, that might not be on Russell’s own  ‘official‘  web page.   


Magnificent Buildings Tour   

Please see the ‘Appearances’ Page for updates on all of Russell’s future appearances (that we know about).

He is rolling out dates for a new tour of ‘Magnificent Buildings’ which, up to now, are all cathedrals.  

Crow Wood Hotel,  Burnley  

For the second time since it opened only fairly recently, Russell graced the stage at East Lancashire’s award-winning venue, Crow Wood Hotel and Spa Resort, on the edge of Burnley for what proved to be a fantastic performance of his best-loved songs.

He “tried” to make a swift exit because he was due to attend a TV recording studio the next morning but he was affectionately delayed a little!


Vertu Motors’ Anniversary Ball 

Russell starred in the national car dealerships’ 15th Anniversary Ball at the Gateshead Hilton and they’ve been good enough to have several videos posted to YouTube. Two of them feature Russell and he performs songs from The Greatest Showman!


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