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Russell makes a ‘snow angel’ to greet the new year  …

We’ll join him in wishing everyone a happy new year !


Russell’s  latest  album   –  “20”   …

Celebrating twenty years since the release of Russell’s debut album, “The Voice,” his latest album is called “20” and is out now!

You can buy it direct from Russell’s own website shop as either a  physical disc  or as a  ‘download‘.   We are still waiting for news of a DVD!+

Here’s the Track List  …

1.   Nabucco :  Va, Pensiero
2.   Il Gladiatore  (Based on Themes from the Motion Picture “Gladiator”)
3.   Turnadot :  Nessun Dorma
4.   Parla Più Piano
5.   ‘O Sole Mio
6.   Volare
7.   You Are So Beautiful
8.   Caruso
9.   Amore E Musica
10. Where My Heart Will Take Me  (Theme from “Enterprise”)
11. Tosca :  E Lucevan Le Stelle
12. Someone To Remember Me
13. I’ll Be Home For Christmas

All familiar titles but recently recorded afresh.

Looking and sounding  a m a z i n g  !


20th  Anniversary  Tour   …  and more   …

Delayed until 2021 due to the pandemic, Russell’s 20th Anniversary Tour will actually be taking place in his 21st year as a recording artist.

Venues are updating their pages but here’s what we know so far   …   Dates

Our own  ‘Dates’  page includes several events we have learned about where Russell is due to appear but aren’t part of his own Tour and so don’t appear on his own web site’s ‘Dates’ pages  …  you may find something on our list near to you!


You’ll find Russell’s own  official web site  here.

His  Facebook Page  is  here

His official  Twitter  account is  here

His  Instagram  account is  here

Also, social, domestic and on-tour Tweets from Louise are  here.


Keep up-to-date with us on  Facebook  and  Twitter.



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