Return Of The Voice : ITV1 : 26th November 2011

Return of The Voice ..

on ITV1 from 11pm on Saturday 26th November 2011, repeated 0n ITV1+1 at midnight.

This was a very ‘cut down’ version of the full  DVD  that nicely showcased Russell’s vocal range and on-stage passion.   A good ‘taster’ to make you want to go out and buy the DVD.

It was perhaps odd, though, that there was no explanation that this was not the full show and we hope that anyone who watched it doesn’t think they’ve saved themselves the money. 

The only actual advert for the DVD came in the first break when it showed that ASDA were stocking it at £10.97.  Considering that  QVC   were still offering signed copies for only £1 more, including postage, that looked better value.






Just for the record, the playlist was

Be My Love
Parlami d’amore Mariu
Strangers In The Night
Music Of The Night / All I Ask Of You (with Mary-Jess)
The Impossible Dream
Nessun Dorma
Land Of Hope And Glory







all good stuff but missing out

Intermezzo – how could they leave out Intermezzo?
20th Century Film Suite
Volare / Funniculi Funnicula
That’s Life
(I Left My Heart In) San Francisco (sunny Chelsea!)
Io Che Non Vivo
Can’t Help Falling In Love
Bring Him Home – the best version anybody has done, bar none
O Holy Night
Someone To Remember Me

Oh, well, they did only have an hour.   Most enjoyable.


In 2016 Russell re-stocked his merchandise stall for the ‘Up Close And Personal’ Tour, and opened an online shop.  You can now buy the DVD  directly from Russell!


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