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29th March 2016

The ‘Songs From The Heart’ Tour opening night at the Lyceum Theatre, Crewe, and it starts brilliantly … Russell comes on stage to the opening bars of O Sole Mio and belts out, “It’s Now Or Never … ” and the place erupts.  Without spoiling it for anyone who doesn’t like to know too much before they get their chance to attend a concert, let’s just say that this is an exceptional evening with Russell showcasing some of the lovely new material that we might expect on the forthcoming ‘True Stories’ album.     We report elsewhere on the new range of merchandise.

21st March 2016

Russell and his faithful Muffin are on the cover of the April edition of ‘Choice’ Magazine and he is featured with his ‘Life Story’ inside …

It’s on newsagents’ shelves now (cover price £2.95) but if you can’t find a copy, it ought to be available as a ‘back issue’ from 01733 555123 for an additional £1 to cover postage.

20th March 2016

Russell is on the cover of Scotland’s Sunday Post supplement “iN10 Magazine” and inside he tells Murray Scougall of his 10 Most Memorable Moments.   It’s free to read online but you can get printed copies from the publisher (as ‘back issues’ while stocks last).

17th March 2016

Want to see Russell at Bridgewater Hall on Friday 15th April?
There’s still time to enter their online competition to win a pair of tickets to the show.
Closing Date – Tuesday 22nd March at 10am

14th March 2016

There’s a colourful feature over pages 15 / 17 of the latest edition of ‘Norfolk On My Mind’ magazine ahead of Russell’s appearance at Norwich’s Theatre Royal on 10th April.

Read it, free, online …

4th March 2016

24th February 2016

… and that, it would appear, is that … for the moment, and Team Russell prepare to return to the UK after a couple of days R&R in Rome.

22nd  February 2016

Russell seems well pleased with the new album’s progress and posts a picture to Twitter with the comment that yesterday was the “Best day ever in a recording studio ...”

18th February 2016

Keeping yesterday’s promise of posting a brief clip from the studio recording, Russell posts on Facebook and Twitter a link to his SoundCloud account.
‘Aprile’ …  gorgeous … can’t wait to hear the whole track !

17th February 2016

After having got the impression from last week’s Tweets (“last day of recording”) that things were winding down, we find that Russell and Team are still hard at work in the recording studio.

Today they offer an audio ‘snippet’ if they can get 100 ‘Likes’ for their Tweet

or “enough likes and shares” to the Facebook post

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and nor will this new album be built a hurry.

12th February 2016

Guitarist John Bailey is delighted to be able to announce that he will be supporting Russell on the forthcoming Tour

10th February 2016

It’s “all systems go” today …

Russell & Team head south again to continue work on the new album …

Meanwhile, Ed is busy arranging scores for the Tour …

It’s also confirmed that Maquerade String Quartet will be the supporting musicians on the Tour … and that there’ll be some surprises up the proverbial sleeve …

Oh, yes.  And ‘raspberries’ to you, too, HQ!

8th February 2016

Russell talked to BBC Radio Derby‘s Andy Potter (@podderman) about having found a new record label with whom he’s currently recording his next album, life and death, his own song – prompted by having lost a good friend, all too soon, to illness – the forthcoming Songs From The Heart Tour and Manchester’s eternally dreadful weather.  Their conversation starts from 2 hours 15 minutes (02:15:40) into the programme.

2nd February 2016

Belatedly discovered that Russell was in last month’s BBC History Magazine (January 2016), talking about his ‘History Hero’ Mario Lanza.  Fortunately it’s not such ancient history that back issues are unavailable and they can still be had, for the moment, from 0844 844 0250   [ £4.80 including UK postage ]

26th January 2016

Russell posts several pictures of his “office” for the next few weeks on Twitter and Facebook

Thank you, Russell; it’s great to be able to watch the album’s progress … it almost feels that we’re on the journey with you.

25th January 2016

The Team have apparently arrived safely in Rome, ready to begin the recordings for the new album …

Later in the day, Russell Tweets that he has been to the gym for a workout and is now all set to get started on recording in the studio …

20th January 2016

Russell was on an extended live phone-in interview this afternoon with BBC Radio Bristol’s Jonathan Ray, talking mainly about the new album and some of the world-class musicians who will be backing him in addition to the orchestra.  You can ‘Listen Again’ on BBC Radio Bristol for a month from today.  The conversation starts just after the news and weather so you can skip to 13 minutes into the programme.

Once that live chat finished, Russell moved on to record another interview… this time with BBC Radio Kent’s Dominic King.  This interview is to be aired tomorrow, Thursday 21st January, around 4.20pm and again around 6.40pm.  Russell Tweeted that they’d had ‘#lotsoflaughs’ so it should be good.  Listen Live on BBC Radio Player or on BBC Radio Kent once the programme starts at 4pm and use that latter link to ‘Listen Again’ once the show has finished.

19th January 2016

Reflecting what he has been saying in the last couple of radio interviews about the new album and some of the highly acclaimed musicians who will be involved in its production, as well as confirming yesterday’s announcement in Music Week magazine about having signed to FOD Records, Russell’s latest blog post is on his Official website.

18th January 2016

We’ve all known for some time that Russell left Sony after the release of ‘Only One Man’ and he has spent some considerable time looking for a company where he would feel comfortable but this morning his Team announced via Twitter and Facebook that he had signed to Canadian record label FOD (Field Of Dreams) Records.  The news appears on page 4 of the current edition of Music Week, a subscription only, music industry magazine.

Music Week Jan 18 2015

14th January 2016

Russell was on BBC Radio York yesterday, talking to Anna Wallace and Adam Tomlinson, and on BBC Essex today, talking to Tony Fisher, about the forthcoming ‘Songs From The Heart’ Tour and the new album.  He said his new record company was based in the US, so he plans to go over there in August/September and the new album was likely to be released there before the UK, where it would probably be available shortly before Christmas.  The new Tour would be similar in format to last year’s ‘Up Close And Personal’ Tour with the addition of some new songs from the album.  We very much look forward to that!

You can ‘Listen Again’ to both interviews on BBC iPlayer Radio for 30 days after first broadcast…

BBC Radio York  :  From 2 hours 32 minutes

BBC Radio Essex  :  From 2 hours 11 minutes

11th January 2016

Don’t miss out on the chance to get hold of any remaining merchandise from the ‘Up Close And Personal Tour’ before it’s all gone. Contact Joshua sooner rather than later…

Click the photo below to go to the Merchandise Album on Russell’s Facebook Page…

10th January 2016

Team Watson take a break in Scotland.

Didn’t know you spelled WET “f _ a _ b”.
No Singin’ In The Rain, then?

3rd January 2016

The Kirsty Club Tweeted this afternoon that they’d ‘found’ a small number of the 2013 Uptown Girl calendars that were signed by Russell as part of their 2012 fundraising efforts. If you’d be interested in having one, either as a keepsake or to maybe use in 2019 when the days and dates will be the same , then please contact them directly :

Each month has a different and unique portrait of Kirsty, with her birthday month of September featuring her with Russell in his home studio.



May we wish Russell, Louise and all in the support “Team Watson” the very best New Year possible for 2016, and the same to all you Russellers around the world.



31st December 2015

Russell sends ‘Happy New Year’ greetings to everyone from himself and Louise …


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