Thank you for ‘Following’ us @Russellers on Twitter

Hello Dear Twitterer

Thank you for having clicked to ‘Follow’ us @Russellers.

We thought we’d better explain that we’re just fans of @RussellTheVoice – tenor Russell Watson – Tweeting and Blogging about him and his world from our own perspective.

In the past we’ve found that some folk expected rather more than we could offer and we’ve had more than one instance of, “I didn’t Follow you, Twitter must have done it at random.”

So, to be clear, we’re absolutely not connected to Russell’s official accounts, his management or agents.  We’re just fans, probably much like yourself, but with a desire to ‘share the joy’ of Russell and his music.  That said, he does know who we are and what we do and he’s even been kind enough to put a link to this blog on the ‘Fan Zone’ page of his own website.

Russell sings ‘To Break The Ice’ : Click the picture for the video

We’re here on the web with this ‘blog’ – you should be able to click on the Menu items at the top of this page to explore the site – and we’re also on Facebook.

As fans, scouting around the web, we’re sometimes able to mention things of interest that don’t make it to Russell’s official social media pages.

Also, as fans ourselves, we’re not in business and we’re not a ‘fan club’ so we’re not after your money.  You can find out a bit more about us on our About Us page.

If you like what we do, we’d always appreciate feedback or comment, and a ‘Like’ on the Facebook Page would always be very much appreciated.

Thanks again for the ‘Follow’ on Twitter.  We hope you’ll stay with us – especially if you ARE a fan of Russell – but if we’re not to your taste or we’re not what you expected and you want to ‘UnFollow’ us on Twitter, well, okay, we’ll  just say, “Thanks for having looked in on us anyway.”

Best Wishes to you, and keep ‘sharing the joy’ of Russell and his music!



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