Washington DC _ 4th July 2012


Following the washout of the Memorial Day concert, Russell was kindly invited back to Washington DC to perform at the ‘Fourth Of July‘ Independence Day celebrations.

The Facebook page for A Capitol Fourth‘, the name for the event,  proposed, “Vote for the performance you are looking forward to the most at A Capitol Fourth 2012, hosted by Tom Bergeron” and Russell achieved 3rd place in this popularity poll before the show began.

Russell had managed to get stuck in Chicago for several hours, en-route, before arriving in Washington in time for a few interviews (and a game of tennis – he always plays tennis) mixed in with rehearsals.

Here he chats with Steve Chenevey on ABC7’s Morning News…

He also managed a couple of radio interviews; one with SiriusXM that we’ve not found a link for, and one with Texas Public Radio that can be heard via SoundCloud

There are photos from the early rehearsals on  A Capitol Fourth’s Facebook album,  PBS’  Flickr photostream, plus a picture from the dress rehearsal also on the Facebook album and another on the website of UPI.

Come the night, and the weather relented – no storms – and the event went ahead.  Because of copyright restrictions we weren’t able to see the PBS broadcast in the UK but local reports via FB and Twitter suggest it went very well indeed for Russsell who was given a warm welcome by Olympian Apolo Anton Ohno.   Russell performed Because We Believe  and shook hands with the US Olympics team to wish them, in turn, welcome to the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

A Capitol Fourth have since posted a video on their YouTube Channel showing the whole of the salute to the US Olympic Team, including Russell’s performance…

Since posting the above, a full recording of the concert has been made available on Vimeo. 

It has been reckoned that some 6.3 million viewers tuned in across the States!

The following morning Russell appeared, bright-eyed and laughing, on Fox5 News to sing Race To The End.  This is a great little video clip where Russell describes how he felt during the performance… he wasn’t on the stage but down at the front, surrounded by the US Olympians, when he caught a glimpse of himself on the video monitor; check out his reaction!



Here are reports from  The Telegraph  and  Sky News  plus a Tweet from the US Embassy in London, “Congratulations to British tenor @russellthevoice, who has been given the rare honour of singing @whitehouse  http://dld.bz/b6bhs“.

Russell has also been mentioning it during his recent concerts, saying that it was after the Memorial Day concert had been abandoned that he was ushered into The Capitol building where he gave an impromptu performance of  Bridge Over Troubled Water  to a small group of dignitaries and injured Service men and women, and it was then that he was asked to return by General Martin E. Dempsey (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff).  Thank you, General Dempsey!


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