Warner Leisure “Star Break” : 25th August 2013

A personal perspective of the Warner Leisure Hotels’ “Star Break” weekend at which Russell entertained at Thoresby Hall’s intimate “Pavilion Theatre”…

“Hand on heart, I can honestly say that this was the best evening I’ve had in a very long time.  We opted for the VIP Platinum Package and had a dressed table, including champagne at the front for the show and then we went for our Meet the Star Green Room Experience afterwards.

Similar to the cruise, Russell was on stage alone except for being accompanied by Rob at the piano and backing tracks.

Joy of joys, we had a play list which included Vesti la Giubba, Core n ‘grato, Santa Lucia, Have I Told You Lately, Jill’s America, O Sole Mio, Moon River, Nature Boy, Love on the Rocks/Fly Me To The Moon, Bring Him Home, You Raise Me Up, Strangers In The Night.

Russell had a short break whilst Rob did his 400 years of music in 5 minutes on the piano which the audience clearly enjoyed.  The show which started at 9.30 pm ended at 10.30 pm.

As soon as the show was over Russell shook hands with the entire front row and mentioned that fans had come over all the way from Japan.

We were then escorted round to the Blue Room for our Meet the Star experience and all invited to take champagne to tables and within minutes Russell and Gary appeared to receive applause from an appreciative gathering.

One very disappointed fan had brought a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers to hand to Russell after the show but, unfortunately, wasn’t allowed to get close enough to him and asked us to take them with us, which we did.  Quite amusing to see a fella presenting a bouquet of flowers to another fella.  Russell did listen to the explanation that they were from the lady unable to get to him and thanked her through us.

He spent a few minutes chatting generally and answering one or two questions before heading off around the room to speak individually to couples at tables and pose for photographs.  Russell did say that details of the Spring 2014 Tour would be available in September and he’s clearly very excited at the prospect of taking the show on the road.  He confirmed that the CD Only One Man will be in the shops on 11th November 2013.

Russell spent just over an hour with us and after a cheery wave and a huge thank you to everybody, he was gone.

On the subject of the fans from Japan; we were so glad to find Yumiko Goseki and her daughter this morning to have a quick word and a photograph.”

With thanks to JillwithaJay.


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