US Memorial Day Concert 27th May 2012


Russell was due to perform at this year’s US  Memorial Day  concert on the West Lawn of the Capitol in Washington DC.

The event was televised across the United States by  PBS  but all did not go smoothly.

A storm system swept in and the concert was  abandoned 
about half-way through. 

The concert was televised ‘live’ from 8pm and viewers initially saw the concert switch from ‘live’ broadcast to a recording of the 2011 performance.

The broadcast was repeated from 9.30pm but this time switched from the recorded part of that evening’s performance to a recording of the previous day’s dress rehearsal, so some viewers will at least have seen Russell.

It wasn’t available to watch on TV in the UK but the Concert has its own  Facebook page.

Since posting the above, a full recording of the concert rehearsal has been made available on  Vimeo.

Getty Images released several  photos  of Russell rehearsing in his standard issue shorts.

Russell (and Gary) were  pictured backstage  at dress rehearsals on National Memorial Day’s Facebook page. 


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