US Embassy ‘Election Night’ Party : 6th November 2012

Russell entertained the guests at the US Embassy’s Election Night Party in London on Tuedsay night.

As the Presidential candidates, and the rest of the world, awaited the result from the States, Americans everywhere celebrated their nation’s freedom to vote and to decide their own destiny.  The US Embassy hosted a party in Grosvenor Square and Russell was honoured to be asked to sing their National Anthem, ‘Star Spangled Banner’.

He was welcomed to the stage by no less than Ambassador Susman…

The Ambassador paid Russell a huge compliment by saying, “Thank you for bringing stardust to our election night.”

Twitter was all abuzz with the news of this performance and Russell seems to have made a suitable impression on the guests despite needing to read the words… well, it’s not the National Anthem that he’s used to.

An all-too-brief video clip of Russell singing has been posted on YouTube…

Afterwards, Russell sang in the Embassy’s basement bar…
including You Raise Me Up…

and at some point during the night, incumbent President Barack Obama was re-elected to the White House…

“God Bless America”



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