‘Uptown Girl’ Calendar 2013

Russell Watson to feature in ‘September’ on Kirsty Howard’s ‘Uptown Girl’ 2013 Calendar for Francis House Children’s Hospice…

Russell on Kirsty’s 2013 ‘Uptown Girl’ Calendar…

When  Kirsty Howard  was born with her heart back-to-front and other organs displaced, a rare inoperable condition, it was thought that she would not survive;  she is now seventeen!

Over the years Kirsty and her family have been supported by Francis House Children’s Hospice in Didsbury, Manchester and they in turn have supported the hospice by raising much needed funds.  Kirsty became ‘the face’ of  The Kirsty Club  and has met royalty and become friends with celebrities like David Beckham and Russell.

The moving story of her childhood years is told in a slim volume, “Kirsty, Angel Of Courage” by Susie Mathis.  You can read this online as a PDF at ‘Scribd’ but to download it you will need to register.

More recently Kirsty has made the news by carrying the  Olympic Torch  along part of the route through Salford, gaining  12 GCSE passes  and embarking on her latest fund-raising venture – a 2013 calendar  produced in limited quantities with the help of local businesses in and around the Wilmslow area of north Cheshire.

Award-winning  photographer Jo Scott-Aspray of Maia Photography  has been responsible for the production of the calendar and Russell is featured with Kirsty in the month of September which is when she will celebrate her 18th birthday.

Jo recently Tweeted a number of pictures of Kirsty and her ‘Prep Team’ from Doll Face and  Moo Boutique  preparing for the photoshoot with Russell while he did his own Tweeting…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The calendar is now available to buy and can be ordered via  The Kirsty Club  website.

Our copy arrived recently and we’re more than pleased with it.  As well as the main picture of Russell with Kirsty on the page for September there are several smaller cameo pictures of them together. Kirsty is quite the photogenic young model on the pages for the other months, too.

A copy of this unique calendar from a short print-run can be yours for the very modest sum of £7.99 each  (plus £1 UK  or  £4 Overseas p&p).

Russell has signed a small number of these calendars that can be ordered for £15 each (plus p&p) via the same link as above.   It’s also intended that the calendars will be on sale at the Christmas Carolling concert at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall on 17th December.


As we are now well into 2013, The Kirsty Club has removed the ordering page from their website but we understand there are a few calendars left and, well, it isn’t September yet so you can still look forward to turning over the page to see Russell!

You can contact them via their website “Contact Us” form to order one (or more) directly…

Go on, you know you want one!


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