News Archive : 2020 : July

31st July 2020

RUSSELL  ON  TV  AHEAD  OF  THE  FA  CUP  FINAL  2020   ??   …

The 2020 FA Cup Final is to be shown tomorrow afternoon/evening (Saturday 1st August) on BBC 1.

Kick-off is set for around 5.30 pm but coverage starts from 4.30 pm.

We aren’t all that fussed about the particular teams that are playing (Arsenal -v- Chelsea) but it might be worth watching the TV from a bit before the game, or putting on whatever you use to record such things, as there have been some suggestions that Russell and Mike Moran might be seen doing something, somewhere, some time ahead of the game … or perhaps at half-time … details are hard to come by.

No promises, and there’s always BBC iPlayer if you can’t get to a TV or computer screen tomorrow.

Click this link to Radio Times for more on the match and how to watch or check your own preferred TV listings guide.


30th July 2020   (13:35)


Checking the Royal Albert Hall’s web page we discover that Russell’s concert that was scheduled for Sunday 19th September 2020 has been postponed but no new date has yet been notified.   It is expected that  tick-holders should be contacted directly by their point of purchase in due course.


29th July 2020


Russell has, for some time, had a concert scheduled for the afternoon of 19th September 2020 at the Royal Albert Hall but, particularly given that another Raymond Gubbay event, Beethoven’s Ninth, previously scheduled for 7.30 pm that same day,  has already been postponed by 12 months it might be reasonable to expect Russell’s concert to be similarly affected.

The Royal Albert Hall has been posting online mini-events under the title of “Royal Albert Home” where artists give a performance, usually from their home.  Russell has already done some sessions of his own that way on his own Facebook Page but perhaps we could look forward to something from him on the RAH’s site, too.  We can only hope … and look forward to knowing of any re-scheduling as soon as may be.


14th July 2020


Another radio chat, mainly to promote the Drive-In concert at Lincolnshire Showground, which has since been cancelled but what a wide-ranging potted history of Russell’s career.  A good listen and an air-play of Nessun Dorma!

Catch up here and drag the scroll button over to the right to the start time of 14:18.  Remember that he’s on twice!  Link valid for one month.

Note that all the proposed Drive-In concerts by numerous artists, not just Russell’s, have had to be cancelled as a result the current pandemic.


13th July 2020


A wise decision, we reckon.

We shall just have to weather the winter, looking forward to seeing Russell on the new date of Sunday 29th August 2021


11th July 2020

BBC  SONGS  OF  PRAISE  (Repeat)   …

Tomorrow, Sunday 12th July 2020, from 1.5 pm on BBC1 and on BBC iPlayer  for one month afterwards.


10th July 2020


Russell was on quite early in Steve Royles  programme …

In fact, he was on twice.
First from about 18 minutes in and then again from about 39 minutes in.

Catch up here and drag the scroll button over to the right to the start time of 14:18.  Remember that he’s on twice!  The second part starts around 38 minutes in.

The piece ends with a part-play of “Where My Heart Will Take Me” (Theme from ‘Enterprise’).


9th July 2020


Russell is shown on the BBC web site as being on BBC Radio Lancashire tomorrow (Friday 10th July 2020) in conversation with Steve Royle.

Steve’s programme starts at 2.00 pm and is on until 6.00 pm.

It ought to be available afterwards to ‘Listen Again’ if you should miss it.


8th July 2020



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