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30th December

“The Voice” … The Movie  …  ?

In an interview for the  Irish Examiner,  Russell tells Alex Green about losing weight while in the Celebrity Castle and that there’s some possibility of his life story being made into a movie! 


23rd December

A treat from Russell … with thanks to him and the hounds. 

Note that the video takes about 20 seconds before Russell comes into view.


Yet more Russell on the TV … he’s planning on being on tomorrow’s edition of the ITV ‘Lorraine’ programme, though Lorra  ine Kelly herself will be away and the show is likely to be hosted by Andi Peters


22nd December

Something to look forward to from Russell tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd December …


Earlier this afternoon Russell talked at length with BBC 5 Live’s Geoff Lloyd in a conversation that was, by turns, heartwarming and funny.

Well worth a listen on BBC Sounds from just after 1 hour in.

The whole conversation was a lot longer that the brief clip posted to Twitter.


It’s possible we might find Russell on TV on Christmas Eve.

He is mentioned by North Wales Live as being included in recorded highlights from past years’ carol concerts from Venue Cymru that are to be shown on S4C from 9.00 pm on Christmas Eve.


21st December

Russell updates his  Facebook  and  Twitter  profile picture recalling his visit to Washington DC when he’d taken some of the Manchester weather along …


18th December

A nice surprise for Russell.  He’s recently posted to  Instagram  about having just checked his account and discovered he’s now got some 80 thousand followers on there

He’s so chuffed that, after saying “Thank you”, he’s hinted he might do something a little special for fans just before Christmas … a sort of prezzy from him to all of us.

We’re not sure where it will be posted yet so keep your eyes peeled.


Listen Again  to  Russell  talking with Darren Parks on  Smooth Radio North West, mainly about his time in  Gwrych Castle  for the “I’m A Celebrity … ” programme and how the change of diet affected him. 

It also gives him an opportunity to advertise Hayley’s  ‘Off The Wheaten Track‘  Deli in Altrincham.


17th December

Russell’s concert at the  Royal Albert Hall  has now been formally  cancelled.

It had been marked as ‘postponed’ with no fresh date having been fixed but it is now off completely and ticket-holders are being contacted. 

+Russell chatted at some length with Janice Long on  BBC Radio Wales  this evening and Janice played several great tracks of his (as well as lots of other good music!).

The  ‘Listen Again‘  link is now available and Russell joins Janice from 1 hour 12 minutes in.


15th December

TWO NEW radio interviews coming up …

Tomorrow, Wednesday 16th with Kat Orman on her mid-morning BBC  Radio Oxford programme that starts at 10.00 am

Then on Thursday 17th December with Janice Long on BBC  Radio Wales  from 7.00 pm

10th December

Russell was talking with Mike Sweeney earlier this morning on BBC Radio Manchester and his experience in the castle appears to have had a profound impact on his outlook as well as his weight.

Listen Again  from 28 minutes in.

6th December

Coming up this Friday evening  …

If you have already paid to be able to watch this recorded event you might like to ensure that you have your access code to hand.  You might need it.

It will have been sent in an email from either “Raymond Gubbay” or, more likely, from booking agency “Universe“.  <<<  Click to go to their “Find your ticket” help page if you’ve forgotten where you saved their original message.

Don’t forget that this is a one-off streaming event and if you miss it, you’ve missed it.  Lock the door and get settled somewhere comfy.

We’ve said before and make no apologies for saying again that we hope this event will find its way to a DVD or download at some stage in the not too distant future. 


1st December

Several great images of Russell’s time in the I’m A Celebrity castle are available on ITV’s web page.

Some gruesome, some of him happy! 


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