Our photos
A slideshow of our own pictures, mainly of Russell as well as some of the venues.

Fans’ photos
A gallery of pictures taken by some of our fellow Russellers at various venues.


Other sites for pictures –

Simon Fowler Photography  :
From the Home Page, select ‘Portfolio’ and choose ‘Boys’.
There are several photos of Russell spread throughout the slideshow, they aren’t all in one place.

Rouge Creative
The company name for Roger Moore’s professional photography.
Check his Facebook albums for Russell at Lytham Proms and The Katy Holmes Trust concert.

Cheshire Life
A slideshow of several photos of Russell at home.


NTB Scanpix :
A Scandinavian website. Change to ‘English’ language in the top right-hand corner.

Nigel Hillier Photography

Getty Images 

Rex Features


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