Festival Of Remembrance : 10th November 2012


Russell  appeared at the Royal British Legion’s  Festival Of Remembrance  at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday 10th November 2012.

Following the reading of the Festival Citation and the placing of the Torch Of Remembrance he sang a duet of  There You’ll Be  with Alexandra Burke.

RBL FoR 2012

While their duet has been put on YouTube by several ‘unofficial’ sources it is available to purchase on the Legion’s own DVD, available direct from
The Poppy Shop, and puts the performance in to the context of the whole Festival.

There were two performances of the festival.  The public were admitted to a 2pm matinée but the evening performance was in the presence of HM The Queen and other members of the Royal Family, and attended by government ministers, members of the Royal British Legion, their families and guests. 


Here’s one YouTube version of the duet but, to do it justice and to understand Russell’s subsequent comments, do try to see the whole Festival if you possibly can …

BBC Radio 2 broadcast highlights, including the duet, and that is available to listen to on BBC iPlayer  until 17th November.

BBC1 later televised the whole performance and that is available to watch on  BBC iPlayer  until 17th November (UK only).

There were many nice comments on Twitter afterwards and Russell Tweeted, ” Me with the delightful @alexandramusic . A genuine joy to work with x pic.twitter.com/yKJGfoqR

and, “A very proud moment in my life tonight . Honored to be involved in the festival of remembrance at the RAH #LestWeForget 

The  DVD  of the Festival Of Remembrance 2012 is available from the
Royal British Legion’s  online store, ‘The Poppy Shop”.

Note from The Poppy Shop:  “In answer to the question about regional compatibility of the DVDs: these will play specifically in ‘Region 2’ countries – UK, Europe, Japan, South Africa and the Middle East – as well as in many multi-region DVD players and computers further afield.   However, the format of the DVDs is PAL and therefore not guaranteed to play for those countries who are NTSC standard – such as the USA.”


[1]  There You’ll Be – written by Diane Warren : featured in the motion picture Pearl Harbour.  Performed by Faith Hill
[2]  The radio and TV broadcasts were not ‘live’ but transmitted after a delay to allow for editing.  Russell’s Tweets started to appear on Twitter before the end of the TV broadcast but he wasn’t being naughty and Tweeting from the stage in the closing minutes!


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