BMW Launch : Beijing : 28th September 2012

>Russell Watson performs in Beijing at the launch of BMW’s new Series 7

Russell had been noticeably ‘off-Tweet’ last week and it’s now become evident that he and the lovely Laura Wright had been to China to sing at the prestigious launch of the new BMW 7 Series  in Beijing.

The Chinese website  has a report with a few nice pictures.

BMW Launch 1

Here’s what the internet translators make of the paragraph reporting on Russell and Laura’s performance…

“BMW honoured two United Kingdom heavyweight straddling singer – United Kingdom history’s best-selling classical crossover singer Russell. Mr Watson (Russell Watson), and Bel Canto across Queen Laura England. Ms Wright (Laura Wright) to bring you one of the famous Conference of Italy of the song the prayer, song expressed the sentiment of esteem to keep ahead of spirit!”
“BMW honored two heavyweight cross-border singers from the United Kingdom – Mr. British history, the best-selling classical crossover singer Russell Watson (Russell Watson), as well as England bel canto transboundary Ms. days Houlao La. Wright ( Laura Wright) invited to the conference for everyone to bring a famous Italian song “Prayer”, this song expresses the feeling of constantly forward the spirit of respect!”

You get their drift, though, and you can see the full AutoHome article in its original form  hereHere’s a link to the  Google  translation  and another to the translation by Microsoft’s Bing(they take a moment or two to load).


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