A League Of Their Own : 14th October 2011


For those who don’t know this programme, “A League Of Their Own” is an hour-long sports-themed TV quiz show on ‘Sky’ TV that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Hosted by comedy writer James Corden it has two teams of three, each led by a sports celebrity with regular and ad-hoc guest team members.

The fourth and final part of the show is a quick-fire round of questions to two of the team, to  be answered in the time it takes the third member to complete some challenge.

Shortly before tonight’s programme, Russell Tweeted,  “League of their own – tonight sky one at 10 pm ! Lots of fun x“.

We didn’t think Russell was supposed to be on until later in the series but
we tuned in, just in case.  He certainly wasn’t on the guest list BUT… in the final part of the show a large panel in the studio rose up to reveal Russell and a full orchestra!

He sang the last few bars of Nessun Dorma and held that last “Vincero” for ages, as he does.

That proved to be the nature of the challenge, for one team member to hold the final note for as long as they could while James fired questions at the remaining two.

Lee Mack (for the Blue Team) and John Bishop (for the Red Team) each took a turn. Russell led them into the final note, then left them to it. The longer the note was held, the more time there was for their team-mates to answer questions, but they also had to compete with the orchestra at full volume!

Clearly the longest-held, though totally flat, John Bishop, dressed in tie and tails, was presented with a bouquet by a
diminutive young lady whom he promptly tossed over his shoulder and strode backstage with her, flowers and all.  Good fun, indeed!

There are several pictures now in the “A League Of Their Own” gallery.  Look for pictures 13 – 24 from this episode.


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