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4 Responses to Appearances

  1. fiona cowe says:

    Hi Russell
    Just wondering if you have any plans to come back to His Majesty Theatre in Aberdeen anytime soon


  2. Lynn Stringer says:

    Update for your “forthcoming appearances section – I had a letter yesterday from the Regent Theatre in Ipswich to say the 24 May concert was not being rescheduled and I would be receiving a refund.


    • Hi Lynn
      Thanks for that. We’ve just had similar from the theatre via Facebook.
      Real shame that it can’t be re-scheduled but if Russell’s plans to go to the US in connection with the launch of the new album are still going to come about, then he’s probably not got many dates left that match the theatre’s availability. There was mention in a recent interview of another UK Tour towards the end of the year so, with any luck at all, he’ll be back in Ipswich.
      Thanks for looking in on the website 😉


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