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Russell’s  New  Album   …   “20”   …

t’s called ’20’ … celebrating twenty years since the release of Russell’s debut album, “The Voice” … and it will be out on 23rd October 2020  but can be pre-ordered now.

Pre-ordered copies will be signed by Russell … follow the link for details.

Here’s the Track List  …

1.   Nabucco :  Va, Pensiero
2.   Il Gladiatore  (Based on Themes from the Motion Picture “Gladiator”
3.   Turnadot :  Nessun Dorma
4.   Parla Più Piano
5.   ‘O Sole Mio
6.   Volare
7.   You Are So Beautiful
8.   Caruso
9.   Amore E Musica
10. Where My Heart Will Take Me  (Theme from “Enterprise”)
11. Tosca :  E Lucevan Le Stelle
12. Someone To Remember Me
13. I’ll Be Home For Christmas

All familiar titles but recently recorded afresh.

Looking and sounding  a m a z i n g  !


Russell on the ITV News and at The Stoller Hall   …

Postponed   …   no new date yet. 

Since posting the item below, events have meant that the recorded interview was not shown this evening and a new time and date is awaited.


Russell is calling for support for the live entertainment industry and it’s expected that he might be seen on the ITV News from 10.00 pm on Thursday 24th  10.30 pm tonight, Wednesday 23rd September.

PLEASE NOTE that according to the TV schedules the News doesn’t start until 10.30 pm tonight due to the earlier programme being a feature length one from 9.00 pm. Confirmed with The Stoller Hall.   Best not to set your recording device(s) too early.

It looks as though an interview has already been recorded at The Stoller Hall, Manchester, where he proposes to hold a special concert once the restrictions are eased on the number of people who can gather at such live entertainment events.

Tickets to that concert aren’t likely to be available on general sale but may be won as part of a fundraising campaign for the live entertainment industry.  Follow the links to The Stoller Hall and from there you can donate via “CrowdFunder“.


BBC  Songs  Of  Praise   … 

Russell was featured at the start of Sunday’s recent episode of BBC Songs Of Praise … that is Sunday 13th September.

More than a few folks didn’t see him on that initial broadcast, possibly due to a little confusion over the start time which was the usual 1.15 pm and not the 1.30 pm that had managed to get posted here and there.

Fortunately, even if you did miss Russell’s performance of “How Great Thou Art” all is not lost thanks to it now being available as a clip on the BBC web page.

The whole programme, if you should want to see it all, is available for the next four weeks (29 days left) on BBC iPlayer. 


20th  Anniversary  Tour   … 

Delayed until 2021 due to the pandemic, Russell’s 20th Anniversary Tour will actually be taking place in his 21st year as a recording artist.

The Nottingham concert has been re-scheduled to Thursday 11th February 2021 but a new date is still awaited for the Royal Albert Hall.

New Dates for the 2020 now 2021 Tour _ 105397430_3253661294684862_5330498373032673004_n


“I’m  Standing  With  You”   …

Russell has joined a host of world-wide stars to help create a message of hope and support crafted by Diane Warren and friends to raise awareness and funds in the fight against the current viral pandemic.


Hale  Barns  Carnival   …  

Russell is now expected to headline the opening night on Friday 16th July 2021


Back  In  Harmony   …

Russell and Aled Jones have now released a follow-up album to their hugely successful initial collaboration, “In Harmony.”  That original album from 2018 has been certified “Gold” and they were presented with their gold discs, live on ITV’s “This Morning” programme on Monday 9th November … outside, in the cold … before they went on to sing  “Have Yourselves A Merry Little Christmas“.

Capture _ R&A Gold Discs om This Morning TV

Back In Harmony” is in the shops and can also be ordered direct from their own online store.

Capture - Back In Harmony cover

1. Funiculi, Funicula
2. Nella Fantasia
3. Shenandoah
4. Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Me
5. The Impossible Dream
6. Ave Maria
7. Night And Day
8. Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace
9. In Flanders Field    (Prelude from The 49th Parallel)
10. The Loveliest Night Of The Year
11. The Lord Is My Shepherd
12. The Lord Bless You And Keep You
13. Christmas Medley
14. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


Ave Maria, courtesy of  Classic FM


BBC  Songs  Of  Praise   …

Russell Watson’s Faith Journey   …

BBC Songs Of Praise for Sunday 3rd November saw Russell chatting with Aled Jones about his life thus far and, as well as some superb singing, featured scenes from Russell’s past as well as his present circumstances including a visit to his home.

Capture _ RW and AJ at Prince's Park BBC SoP

While the programme is no longer available on BBC iPlayer, several clips remain …

1 : Irlam … Russell shows Aled Jones where he grew up  :  Click here to watch

2 : The Surgeon … Russell meets the surgeon who saved his life  :  Click here to watch

3 : “In Christ Alone” … Russell and Aled Jones sing the hymn  :  Click here to watch


The  Monastery  Of  The  Battle   …

Russell’s late evening one-man show at Batalha, Portugal was a great success … so much so that he appears to be planning a return trip.

The following is from Leiria TV News and the commentary is, of course, in Portuguese though Russell chats in English in a post-performance interview..

There are also lots of pictures on the Facebook Page of  Turismo Centro de Portugal.


Loose  Women  &  Men   …

The episode of Loose Women & Men that aired on 27th August 2018, featuring Russell at the hosts’ table with Andrea McLean, Stacey Solomon and fellow guest-presenter Jake Quickenden, is no longer available on the ITV hub but you can, for the moment, still enjoy watching Stacey, Jake and Russell closing the show with Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Capture - Loose Women 27 Aug 2018 _end song


More  To  Explore   …

Sample some of the wide variety of Russell’s music via  Soundcloud 

There are a lot more tracks now available to listen to, free of charge, on Soundcloud


Find  us  also  on  Facebook  and  Twitter



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